A Slice of Fried Gold

It’s Monday, it’s belting down and I worked a 48hr shift across the weekend, but I am stupidly happy.

After eighteen months of rejections, no-replies and scams I finally got some love from a publisher! They want to see the rest of my manuscript and, yes I know it’s no guarantee of anything, but damnit if I don’t feel like I’m finally getting somewhere with this! They described my chapters as “captivating” and I’m sure they say that to all the girls but I’m still bouncing about it. 

Add to that the 24hrs I got to spend lounging in the arms of the beardy-guy who inspires my best poetry but has never successfully beaten me in a tickle-fight, the cat currently on my lap and the lilies that sprouted yesterday and I’m disgustingly content. Screw you Monday, you have no power over me! 



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