How I Turned Free Floorboards & Pallets into Bookcases Using This One Weird Old Trick!

Found a man on a site giving floorboards for free, who then kindly agreed to deliver to me.

Then they sat on the floor in a dirty great stack, til I bleached them to bring their true colours back.  

Next I took a small trolley and walked around town, finding pallets with no other homes of their own.  

 Then I hammered and sawed and cut down the stack, 
Then attached them with screws at the sides and the back. 
Next the foreman insisted on checking them all to be sure they would work and not crumble and fall.  
Pleased with my craft he allowed me to varnish then stack on the books and repeat until finished.  
Now they stand in our lounge, a spectacular pair, with our books in one place for the whole house to share.  




First the old place was cleaned,

Neatly stacked, Tightly packed,


Then removed to this house with inquisitive cats.

Where we set about building up rooms from the mess,


Turning mattress-on-floor into warm, comfy beds.

Into kitchen (this guy makes great chili and rice),

And a lounge space with camels and soft fairy lights.

Now our mornings are spent curled in bed with the cats,

And the nights filled with beardy men, wine and chats,

And the dusty old place we moved into has grown,


From an empty old house to our cozy new home.