Donald Trump is very clever

Donald trump is very clever.You should all know this fact whether

You support him or

(Like those of us with intellect)

Reject his ranting rambling as nonsense,

He’s not about to be accepted by the goodly folks of Mensa,

Or write books to change perceptions of the universe,

(Unless it’s stating that the sun is just a lightbulb placed by communists and in fact we are revolving around him),

But he’s a master of the media,

And, whilst loathed by academia,

Can keep all eyes on him,

Controlling the spin,

And ensure we’re missing out 

On those political assertions

And more liberal decisions

Made by Bernie and the guys stood to the left.

For as they try to move us forwards,

They’re obscured by his inane words,

Being repeated,tweeted,posted in the press and here online.

He knows he’ll never be elected,

And is mostly disrespected,

By real politicians

Trying to create a better world.

But he has money, 

He has influence,

And lesser minds aspire to his vast arrogance,

In ignorance, 

Not seeing the wider plan.

The biggest favour we can do him,

Is to stop the ceaseless quoting and requoting of the things we don’t believe in,

And instead, make time to speak about our real beliefs instead.

We need to share our good ideas,

Promote the guys we WANT to win,

And watch him sadly crawl back to his lonely millions once again.


Recent travels

Took a night bus to London to work on a movie,  

A trek to be sure, but they paid us (plus lunch),

Spent the rest of the day being paid to hang out in the green room

With this odd but welcoming bunch,

As the day turned to night I got lost walking back through the darkness of Peckham,

(Not fun when alone),

But I spotted the towers and followed their lights

To the river (the Thames is a rainbow tonight).

Making one final stop in a small coffee shop,

I stocked up on hot chocolate and sugary snacks,

As I prepared my mind for the 7 hour ride,

To my home and my bed and a chance to relax.

Because No

A girl in a bar said
“My friend was being hit on.”

“She was being hit on, so I helped her out”,

“I told the guy I was her girlfriend to put him off”.

And I told her “No”.
“That is not the way we do this”,
When you pretend, you are admitting that you feel guilty for saying No,
You are apologising for not wanting his drunken, leery attention,

You are admitting you do not feel like you have the right to simply say “no thank you”.

 “No thanks and goodbye”
Is more than enough. 

It is all the explanation you owe anyone.

And if he will not accept a rebuttal,

That is his problem to deal with,

Not yours for simply being there.
We should not be using lesbianism as our spectre,

A thing to be feared because it definitively states

We owe it to ourselves as women,

(And to the men who haven’t learned yet),

To realise that “No” is enough,

Without a wall of dungaree-clad stereotypes to back us up.

To be strong enough to believe that “No” need never be followed with “Because”. 
KDenk 2016