I am done with swiping,




Liking and

Hinting at changes.
Now is the time to be moving,





Hoping and

Pulling together.
The sharing of memes and

Repeating of sound bites,

Is nothing compared to

The impact of action.

Informed and inflamed is

The right way to fight;

Impassioned with knowledge 

To fight for your rights.
A click fix is never the answer.


Vogue knows breast…

So cleavage is officially “over”.

Not content with telling us what size and shape our bodies should be, Vogue have now progressed to telling us that breasts are out of style. 

Apparently we won’t be “getting them out for the lads or anyone else”. Well shit, guess I’d better strap mine down lest the natural shape of a woman offend someone.
Seriously Vogue, where do I begin with this??
Never mind the blunt force stupidity of declaring random body parts out of fashion, my main concern here is your implication that breasts only exist to be flashed. Beacons to declare ‘look at me! I’m the girl you want!’ which I must now lock away to avoid offending the critical eye of high fashion. 
Do your female writers really only see their bodies as vehicles for the promotion of designer goods? Are you being deliberately ignorant of your own humanity or have you worked there so long you’ve forgotten it? 
Women the world over have enough people telling them what to be and how to be it. We do not need to be shamed for the physicality of femininity. 
If you cannot see the problem in this article, Vogue, then I pity the pretty empty shell you have become.