United Separatist States of America 

This is how the dictatorship began. People who were there would like you to believe that it crept up on us. That we were sneakily led down the garden path, believing there’d be flowers but only finding wasps. 
But it was not.

From the start he told us who he was and what he planned to do. And we convinced ourselves that the senate wouldn’t let him, that the people he had to get approval from would put their feet down and say No.

And they will…to a point. 

His entire campaign strategy was to be as cartoonish as possible in order to convince the public he would never actually go ahead with it. To convince a public, so used to their news coming in twitter-friendly snippets, that he was foolish. So inept at using the media he could not possibly know what he was talking about. And it worked. 

One week in and he has shown his contempt for women, First Nations and political prisoners. His politics have more in common with Idi Amin than Lincoln. The America he’s striving to render “great” again, ceased existing in 1984. Destroyed by its own greed, the country he’s dragging his followers into is a wasteland of demolished promises. 

So share the memes, draw the cartoons and quote the silly mans quotes. But be aware that the agenda is very real, very serious and completely terrifying.


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